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Transient accommodations and/or lodging are not considered a home occupation and are prohibited within residential zones.

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If the team not in possession of the ball calls a time out when the ball is in play, that team shall be charged with a distraction see 18.

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Being an archipelago and a country surrounded by seas. tourism athletes and aspiring young athletes?stakeholders will be able to focus on developing sports How can the project attract Filipinos andopportunities by investing in infrastructures. we should be well known around the world to be leading in all water sports/activities. facilities. and foreign people and invite them to support andsupport network to accommodate major sport events and repute water sports in the Philippines?other sports tourism activities” How can we provide a facility for water sports without disturbing our aquatic environment?1. We What will make it different from other watercan develop or enhance it more through water sports sports facility available in the country and fromknowing that we are surrounded by beautiful bodies of other countries?water and coastlines.

Reaching Into the Playing Area A spinning ball is considered "in play," even if it is not in reach of a player figure.

Each team also has the power to make their own decisions.

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